About Me

CSlUOpAI started creating digital gfx in Feb 2014 as a hobby looking to learn Photoshop  and have been enjoying the challenges.  I loved drawing as a kid but lost touch with it through work and life in general. I have since rediscovered my passion for art, just not as messy now in the digital age, thanks to the undo key 🙂

I have been fortunate enough to have been helped by a few talented people along the way, big shout out to the crew at Pimped Pixels, especially Gary Davis, thx mate 🙂
Hope you enjoy my work.

Please Note: I don’t claim any ownership of any of the images on my site, I don’t get paid for the pieces I have created it is purely a hobby.   All of the work I have done are either photo manipulations, composits, or stock edits using stock images or renders.    All rights to the respective owners of stocks used in the creation of these pieces.    If you believe I have used stolen stock please drop me a note with a link to the original piece.

Thanks for Looking, if you liked what you saw drop me a comment:)

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